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Jeanne's Travels

Jeanne's Travels was a column that Jeanne Armonk wrote for The Wilkes Gazette from 2009 to 2012.  

The column highlighted pet-friendly places North Carolina.  In particular, the focus was in the Wilkes County area, however Jeanne wrote about places as far as the Outer Banks (OBX) on the Atlantic coastline.  

Jeanne traveled to these places with her dog Red.  Red has a photo gallery tab above along with a few highlights of some of his adventures with Jeanne during the 11 years they spent together.

This allowed Jeanne to write first hand experiences in regards to the varying rules and regulations pertaining to dogs and their owners.  In particular, the rules and regulations at many pet-friendly areas such as reservoirs, dog parks, and outdoor events.

They also traveled to tourist sights wherein they would stay at pet-friendly hotels. The experience gave Jeanne the opportunity to begin travel writing both in general, and with emphasis on travel with pets.

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