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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Wilkes Vintage Finds November Sale

My vintage Internet retail shop, Wilkes Vintage Finds, has entered its 4th year in business.  To celebrate this ongoing endeavor, the shop is holding a 50% OFF NOVEMBER SALE which runs through November 30, 2013.

The coupon code at Etsy checkout is NOV50.  By inputting this coupon code, the item will receive a 50% off discount off the regular price.  I have found during the past 3 years, 202 sales, that the majority of Wilkes Vintage Finds' sales transactions included a coupon code being inputted at checkout.

It holds consistent that many prospective buyers love a bargain!  I once offered a 50% Off sale and then the next month a 40% off sale.  A prospective buyer of a vintage Panasonic radio convoed me (emails are called convoes on the  website) and questioned me about the difference in the percentage of the sale.  I replied to her that I offer different sales though out the year.  She agreed to the 40% off sale and purchased the radio.

I have learned a great deal about Internet retailing in these past few years.  As a buyer myself, I also love to find a bargain...  As a freelance writer, I began writing Living On A Budget for The Wilkes Gazette in 2009.  I have been reluctant to purchase items that I know I might find more inexpensive somewhere else.

I keep this in mind when I am pricing my retail items.  If they have blemishes, and many vintage items over 20 years old have at least one, that will reduce the asking price.  Shipping costs must also be calculated and are based on weight, dimensions and shipping zones when shipping via the United States Postal Service (USPS)

Last year, I utilized the USPS Regional Rate Priority Boxes for the first time.  There are A,B and C shipping boxes.  The USPS also offers Flat Rate Priority, First Class Parcel, Media Mail, Standard Post and Express Mail Services. 

I recycle boxes and packing supplies as much as possible.  This is both environmentally friendly and keeps shipping costs down for the customers.  Every roll of carton sealing tape, bubble wrap, brown paper and even boxes can add to the shipping costs.  Then, there is the drive to the Post Office if not Priority or Express where a pickup by the local mail carrier can be arranged at no further cost to the shipper.

I mention this because who doesn't love free shipping???  However, if the item for sale is just a couple of dollars, it may not even cover the shipping cost for the seller.  For example, I ship with tracking confirmation.  This is free with Priority, but an additional $0.90 with First Class Parcel.  Regular First Class does not offer Tracking Confirmation, so even a photograph which may mail for $0.45, needs to go First Class Parcel to add tracking.  The $0.45 cost is now $3.31.  My shipping costs listed on item descriptions begin at $3.00 and each item contributes to the purchase cost of carton sealing tape, bubble wrap and photo mailers as needed.

So, please visit Wilkes Vintage Finds at and see all that is for sale.  There are over 800,000 shops worldwide that are listed on 

Until next time...

Jeanne Armonk

Monday, November 11, 2013

A New Digital Media Site

This month Jeanne Armonk Enterprises has unveiled its latest endeavor in a new digital media web site entitled Burke County Gazette.  This site will highlight and promote people, businesses and attractions in Burke County, NC. 

The web site can be visited at .  Similar to the format of its sister web site, Wilkes-Gazette which highlights people, businesses and attractions in Wilkes County, NC.  The Wilkes-Gazette was first published in 2009.  Please visit the tab Wilkes Gazette to learn more about that site.

The Burke County Gazette is in its early stages and will be increasingly adding to its content.  There will be subpages under many page titles to differentiate between towns within Burke County.

Please visit the tab for Burke County Gazette to see more about that digital media site.

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