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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Carte de Visites For Sale

Well, my etsy store, Wilkes Vintage Finds is about to enter its seventh month of items for sale.  It has been quite a learning experience for me.  I have learned a great deal about many types of vintage / antique items.  My first sale was a daguerrotype photo.  It had sustained some damage in storage and the customer decided to cancel the sale.  I, subsequently deleted the photo with half leather case from the inventory.

That photo led to my listing of Antique Carte-de-Visites.  I have 19 for sale at the present time.  I have learned about vintage photography in the process.  All of my Carte-de-Visites, which is a French term, are from the 19th century.  Most seem to be from the Civil War or just after. 

These photographs were made of albumen, which is derived from egg protein.  This process creates a paper-thin consistency with the photographic image.  The albumen print is then attached to a card stock backing.  Most carte-de-visite card stock is 4" X 2 1/2." 

Due to age and display usage, many of these photos may have tears or soil marks.  There were many photographers throughout the US which made these carte-de-visites.  My items are all either from New York or Missouri.  One, in particular, reads Centennial Photo from 1876.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Freelance Writing Embraces Wilkes Vintage Finds Topics

With the beginning of the seventh month of sales for Wilkes Vintage Finds, I have decided to scrap my blog posts regarding writing a novel.  I have decided to put my novel on hold once more in deference to researching the vintage items I am selling on  These items are for sale on my online shop that I named Wilkes Vintage Finds due to my current residence in Wilkes County, NC,

I have owned numerous vintage and outright antique items through gifts and inheritance.  I would have to recall my first antique gift was a tiny solitaire diamond gold ring that I received as a girl from my late grandmother.  I believe I was six years old and it had belonged to my great grandmother who died in 1967 just 2 days short of her 101st birthday.

I treasured that little ring for many years.  Then, to my great dismay, I was washing my hands and it slipped off my finger and into the drain.  Despite the best parental efforts of opening the pipes and removing the sludge, the ring had disappeared.  I was very, very upset. 

I learned at an early age that tangible things can be lost, damaged and even stolen.  I never told my grandmother what happened to that ring.  I couldn't bear for her to be either disappointed or angry.  So, I learned and was more careful to remove rings when washing my hands so as not to repeat that mistake.

Many years later, when washing my hands at a service area off Rte 95 in Milford, CT I learned another bitter lesson.  I removed a gold-plated watch to wash my hands.  I dried my hands and went to another area of the large restroom.  Then, I was out the door temporarily forgetting my watch on the sink counter.  As I went to the canteen area, I remembered my watch.  Only a minute or two went by, however, by the time I returned to the sink, my watch was gone.

I hoped that someone had turned in the watch to the management.  I went to find someone in charge.  No, noone had turned in a watch.  I had the same sickening dread in my stomach as the watch had been a gift from my husband.  I called him to tell him about the loss.  He was kind about it.  After all, it was only a watch. 

I have put a number of watches for sale on my Etsy store.  All had been mine at one time.  I long ago decided that it is not good to get overly sentimental about things.  So, when I opened Wilkes Vintage Finds I made the decision to offer for sale some of my own personal items that I was no longer using or needing. 

My hope is that any one of the items for sale in my shop will make a happy customer.  It is also hoped that the items will be on display, in use, etc. and not put away in a box or storage room.  I have spent considerable time researching history, prices. models, manufacturers and uses of these vintage items. 

Hopefully, this information will serve to make an item such as a Carte de Visite photo, a Bulova watch or a 1960's Trouble game more interesting and attractive to potential customers.  I have found my research extremely informative and interesting. 

I have also seen that some items have only limited information available.  I wish to do my part and also offer valuable research on the web to assist others.

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