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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The ASPCA's Continuous Efforts to Eradicate Dog Fighting

It has been over a month since I have posted to this blog. My last post spoke out in defense of the thousands of poor dogs, specifically pitbulls, who are subjected to extreme cruelty. I happen to check out at a local grocer and saw one of the entertainment magazines with a horrific photo of two pitbulls. One did not even seem to have a left eye anymore. Both wore thick chain collars and weere held close together. They were seemingly forced and/or encouraged to fight in order for someone to make a profit causing these animals' senseless pain inflicted upon the dogs by their owners.

I have several friends who own pet pitbulls. The sweetest, friendliest dogs and what beautiful array of colors. My friends, like myself, are incensed at the cruel circumstances these beautiful dogs have to endure throughout the United States. As I cited in my last post, the Humane Society of the United States tv commercial depicting actress Wendie Malick, is heart-wrenching. Many people say they cannot even watch it because of the condition of the poor animals depicted. She mentions that 250000 pitbulls have to fight for their lives each year.

Okay, at the present time, I reside in Hickory, NC with a population of 360,000 people. 250,000 pitbulls are a lot of pitbulls. The dog fighting seemingly pervades all states. I can remember reading The Call of The Wild by Jack London as a child. Having loved dogs as long as I can remember starting with Lassie, I was reaching for kleenex when Buck was abducted from his happy family in California and shipped north. He had to endure being used for fighting and sledding. If Buck had been a real live dog, what a shock to his system that would have been.

The news currently seems to have bittersweet stories now of more dog fighting rings being discovered and stopped with arrests being made. Many of the canine combatants who survived the horrors of being in the arena are not able to enjoy the sweet smell of justice when rescued. Many are kept for observation and evidence for court trials, only to be euthanized later as being labeled too aggressive to be adoptable.

Again, I must wonder how so many people can keep quiet while knowing about fights. Evidence of arenas in woods and discoveries of pitbulls with battle scars only show that spectators are still rampant for this supposed sport. I have seen two loose pitbulls in the past few years and called animal control. My hope was they were someone's pets, however, more likely escapees. I remember when I adopted my shepherd mix Benny, all the other dogs at the local pound that day were pitbulls. I wonder if any of those pitbulls were adopted? That was in Connecticut. Many shelters will not even adopt out pitbulls.

I encourage dog lovers to watch The Pit Boss if able to receive the channel. They do tireless work taking in pitbulls and attempting to find new homes for them. When a dog is just a puppy, that dog will generally be very playful and loving. It is the human factor that takes that poor puppy and molds him to become a lethal animal. A side note, many pitbulls are trained by attacking small animals such as cats and small dogs. I remember another horrific account in New Haven, CT on A dog they called Norman was found tied to a wall and had over 50 bites. He was evidently used a target practice for fighting dogs. I called as many other people did to offer assistance. I offered to foster him. I was turned down due to other large dogs I had a the time. The shelter was going to take extra special care of Norman and see if they could find a good home for him in time. How awful. He was just one of so many animals used by pitbull owners to train their dogs to fight.

It is ever encouraging to see the ASPCA and other welfare groups make inroads by the many dog fighting tips that they receive. Let us all be alert to any leads that may assist another set of helpless dogs get free from this extremely cruel activity.

I also commend Rachel Ray for her commercial for her Nutrish dog food. She has a lovely red and white pitbull in the home depicted on the ad. How sweet and loving! Also, Sarah McLachlan's heartwrenching tv ad for the ASPCA. I am a member, yet have now been encouraged to sponsor a dog by giving monthly. Also, Pedigree has a commercial reminding the viewers not to just feel sad or sorry for shelter dogs, rather go adopt one. I have adopted 4 shelter dogs over the last few years. What loving dogs they have been. One was born in the shelter when his pregnant mother was dropped off by her owner. He became a very handsome shepherd/husky and one of the most intelligent dogs I have owned to date...

So, please let us all assist the pitbulls who are enduring such terrible circumstances in this country. Let us assist the ASPCA's tireless efforts to help along with other humane organizations. Remember, these dogs can not speak up for themselves or escape their circumstances unless we are alert to speak up for them.

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