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Friday, February 19, 2010

ASPCA's Tireless Efforts to Stop Dog Fighting

Today, I wish to highlight the wonderful work of the ASPCA in its tireless efforts to stop dog fighting. This organization was started by one man who had kindly concern for the carriage horses in NY. This organization over the years has been a champion and voice for many animals, horses, dogs, cats and so many more.

I want to mention some of the ASPCA's very recent efforts in its ongoing and anguishing battle in stopping and rescuing dogs involved in dog fighting. This item was published by News Channel 6 WJBF-TV. "There has been an arrest in a dog fighting ring uncovered in Washington County, Georgia. Sheriff Thomas Smith tells NewsChannel 6 that 29 year old Jimmie Johnson of Wrightsville, will be facing cruelty to animal charges. Sheriff says they received a tip today and discovered 12 pitbulls at a home on Highway 24, in East Sandersville. This discovery coming just days after another major dog fighting dumping ground was discovered in Sandersville."

Just last week, dogs were found in South Carolina due to seemingly abandoned cars parked along a lonely, wooded road. Police investigated and found the wooden dog fighting arena that was bloodied from use. They went on to find a number of pitbulls all with varying degrees of scars and injuries. The Spartansburg and The Rock Hill Area News reported the following, "Three men accrued dog fighting charges in McConnells, South Carolina after authorities discovered what is believed to be a dog fighting pit in their backyard off West McConnells Highway. Deputies uncovered 13 Put Bull dogs at the residence. One of the dogs reportedly had injuries consistent with dog fighting. All the dogs were taken into custody."

Ironically, the 134th annual Westminster Kennel Club held its show in NYC last week. In the Terrier Group were beautiful and intelligent representatives of their breeds: the American Staffordshire Terrier, the Bull Terrier, the Miniature Bull Terrier and the Staffordshire Terrier.

These dogs in the ring were all champions and all very sweet with their handlers and well-behaved for the judge. What personalities with their tails wagging proudly! How strong! What color combinations on these dogs. Dogs allowed to be champions in a much more peaceful arena.

So, in another part of NYC, is the ASPCA and its tireless staff following up on leads and tips to assist many animals. Along with the many reports of abuse and cruelty cases, are the dog fighting leads. It is important for these wonderful animals to have voices to speak up when they cannot. I just recently started to watch Pit Boss on the Animal Planet network. What wonderful efforts they show to help place pitbulls with loving and responsible people.

I heard on a tv ad for the Humane Society of the United States with Wendie Malick that 250,000 pitbulls have to fight for their lives each year. One wonders how such cruelty and horror can continue in the US and not more cases be learned about and stopped??? It makes one wonder who are attending all these events? Who is funding these events? How is it that such display of blood and pain can allow people to watch and not feel a shred of empathy for the victims? Lets all keep our eyes and ears alert to speak up for these poor animals if we can and assist the ASPCA and other humane society organizations stop this violent sport once and for all.

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