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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Who Moved My Cheese? Ever Timely

In 2003, I was given a copy of Who Moved My Cheese? written by John Spencer, MD. Eleven years later, I still marvel at the ever timely advice that this book presented to its readers.  It inspires many of us that are currently facing a change in our life circumstances.

At the time I received Who Moved My Cheese?, the non-profit corporation to which I was employed as a customer service representative (CSR), was facing some reorganizational changes.  One of the vice presidents gave each employee a personal copy of this book.  She felt the book would assist each of us to embrace the new changes ahead.  Most of us were not familiar with the story which proved to be very interesting reading.

The premise consists of 2 people and 2 mice who have a room full of cheese to eat.  The simple story may have seemed a bit like a child's book, however, the fears and complexities of each character in the book could easily characterize any person, old or young, who is facing something new.

The cheese moves during the story and does not return to the initial room.  Basic survival is at stake if the 4 characters do not venture out of the room to find the new location of the cheese.  In the end, it was the 2 mice, Sniff and Scurry, who embraced the change first.  Sniff and Scurry eventually went on to find the new location. 

After a time, the 2 humans, Hem and Haw, consider venturing out.  By the end, all have left the room for the uncertainty ahead to locate the cheese.  Change can be very unnerving.  It can also be the bridge to success.  Circumstances and personal attitude factor greatly in one's transition to a new situation.

A few months after I received the book, I left the non-profit company.  At the time, I did not embrace some of the company's new changes very well and decided to resign.  That being said, my personal life met with a few disappointments after that including a divorce.

In 2006, I embraced a major change by moving from the NY/CT metro area to relocate in North Carolina.  A sudden change in circumstances made the move short-lived and I returned to New York. 

In 2008, I relocated once more to North Carolina.  Now, I have lived here for the past 6 years in the lovely northwestern part of the state.  The mountain views are just breath-taking!!!  NASCAR and LOWES Home Improvement both got their starts here.  TYSON and WINDOW WORLD are also major corporations in this area.

In 2009, I made a career change myself to finally become self-employed.  This has been quite challenging for me who was used to my former set hourly jobs and steady pay checks.  I decided to use my down time to learn all I could about entrepreneurships. 

The local Small Business Center (SBC) located in Wilkes Community College in Wilkesboro, NC has proved to be invaluable.  The tireless assistance from the staff is excellent.  The SBC/Continuing Education seminars (BTW are FREE) have run the gamut in small business topics from A to Z

In 2010, I also opened my first Internet Retail shop on  This modest shop has made 235 sales to date.  I named my shop Wilkes Vintage Finds.  This Internet retail shop has offered for sale many diverse items from A to Z as long as they have been 20 years or older per guidelines. 

Incidentally, the shop has assisted me in honing my own writing and photographic skills.  The need for descriptive listings and clear pictures are necessary to attract prospective buyers and close sales.

In 2012, I acquired the Wilkes Gazette company from my former editor.  I underwent surgery in 2013 and the digital newspaper had few issues that year.  This year, I renamed the newspaper, The Wilkes County Gazette and gave it a facelift and an overhaul.

I am embracing change once more to add a printed flyer for free distribution to the public entitled Wilkes County Gazette Shopper.  Hopefully, this new publication will be available soon.

 As I reflect a bit before advancing in my endeavors, I cannot but thank my former company vice president for her gift of Who Moved My Cheese? for its ever timely advice.

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